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Thank you for supporting Open WebMail Project!


Great software! Open webmail has done wonders for our business. I would
recommend implementing their software for your webmail. A+
Marcus Becker

We are a public research organization Institute of Parasitology and
Biomedicine "Lopez-Neyra" (CSIC in Spain) and have been using openwebmail 2.52
and now I am installing version 2.54 in a linux Centos 7. 

Jose Manuel Almarza

I've been using Open WebMail not long yet, but it already proved to be a reliable, efficient and fast service. 
An amazing package when it comes to setting up webmail on your server, with a great set of useful tools. 
I will be definitely recommending it to others.

Howard Steele,
Owner and Chief editor

I have been using OpenWebMail for over 10 years.  The antivirus and
antispam features on OpenWebMail have helped us improve email deliverability rates.
We are very happy with OWM, We have donated today to help support such a wonderful product. 

Dan Derebenskiy
Parts Dynasty Corporation 

We have recently made the switch to Open WebMail and we couldn't be happier. 
The features that Open Webmail include, both for the user and back end system, 
are superior to the other open source choices available. Great job!

Thomas Webb, CEO
TAW Global, LLC

I am a developer for craftsmen software.
My company uses Open Webmail since 5 years.
It is easy to use and we can manage very large mail folder files in a quick way.
We are very satisfied with Open Webmail.
So I made a donation for the project today.

Steffen Thomas
CEO, Steffen Thomas - Software, Germany

We are using Open Webmail for long time now and are very happy about it. 
It's still the best choice for our daily business.
I love to see that your project is growing with us. Thank you for so  
much good time and I wish more great years together with Open  Webmail. 

Konrad Amandi
Owner, Gravur-Shop, Germany

We have been using the Open WebMail Project years on our internal servers. We are very pleased with. 
It is easy to use and we would like to offer our customers this kind of email client and a friend also.

Wojciech Roslanowski
Suchmaschinenoptimierung Nord

I have been using openwebmail for a while now, and it is fantastic! unlike other software that 
I have previously used. It is surprisingly a great problem here in Japan many people are still 
using outdated mail software. I wish that more people knew about this, especially in Japan.

Little King English School
Director Ryan Nicholas

I'm CEO of Nekojarashi Ltd, Fileserver/Hosting service company in Japan.
I'm using openwebmail in my hosting service. Owm is great and I love it :-)
So I made donation today...I hope that will help you. 

Misaki Kawamura
CEO, Nekojarashi Ltd, Japan